Loading of the Hip Joint.

Publication and additional data, (May 2016)

Typical average and high loads from 10 subjects during most demanding and frequent activities of daily living were defined. This publication is hoped to become a standard reference for most investigations about the hip joint. See the next two topic!

Standardized Loads Acting in Hip Implants.  PLoS ONE 2016

G. Bergmann, A. Bender, J. Dymke, G. Duda, P. Damm

PLoS ONE 11(5): e0155612. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0155612

Standardized Loads Acting in Hip Implants.   Additional Data

Additional numerical data and diagrams for the Plos One publication (see above), including the loads from 10 single subjects.


World Award for Arthrosis Research 2014

The World Arthrosis Organization and the Deutsche Arthrose-Hilfe awarded the “Welt-Preis für Arthroseforschung 2014” (World Award for Arthrosis Research 2014) to Georg Bergmann for his pioneering work on prevention and treatment of arthrosis. The whole research group thanks for this honourable appreciation!

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