Data collection ‘HIP98’

Data collection ‘HIP98’


The data collection CD-ROM HIP98 contains the forces acting in the hip joint during the most common activities of daily living. Measurements were taken 1998 in 4 subjects. In addition to the implant loads and the synchronous videos of the subjects (as in OrthoLoad), this database provides gait analysis data, calculated muscle forces, EMG signals and numbers for the frequencies of the different activities (show abstract of Bergmann et al., 2001).

The forces acting at the acetabulum, i. e. the pelvic side of the hip joint, were additionally determined, using the forces acting relative to the femur plus the belonging gait analysis data. From the results of the individuals, the loads acting in a ’typical’ or representative subject are also provided.


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Sample Videos

Standard Forces Pelvis & Muscles 3 Diagrams (GRF) Table Gait Data
hip98_standard hip98_pelvis_muscles hip98_3diagrams_grf hip98_tablegaitdata
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