Standard Loads Knee Joint

Here you can download additional data belonging to the Publication:

G. Bergmann, A. Bender, F. Graichen, J. Dymke, A. Rohlmann, A. Trepczynski, M. O. Heller, I. Kutzner: “Standardized Loads Acting in Knee Implants.”  PLoS ONE 2014 9(1): e86035. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0086035

In this publication the knee contact forces and moments during 8 different activities were averaged from 8 subjects (no data included from subject K4R). The numerical data can be used as a basis for improved test standards for knee implants, but also serve as input for finite element models of the knee and for many other biomechanical and clinical purposes.
You are permitted to use all data and diagrams for non-commercial purposes if you reference the PlosOne article  AND  the OrthoLoad database.
Data are available for 3 different load levels. For most applications the HIGH100 loads should be chosen.

AVER75  = average loads in subjects with 75kg body weight
HIGH100 = high loads for 100kg BW
PEAK100 = peak loads for 100kg BW

Separate data for the different activities are available, but also zipped for all activities together

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Walking Jogging StairsUp StairsDown StandUp SitDown KneeBend Stance All Activities Together (ZIP)
Diagrams. Averages from all subjects in Newton, load levels AVER75, HIGH100, PEAK100.
Walking_AllLoadLevels.png Jogging_AllLoadLevels.png StairsUp_AllLoadLevels.png StairsDown_AllLoadLevels.png StandUp_AllLoadLevels.png SitDown_AllLoadLevels.png KneeBend_AllLoadLevels.png Stance_AllLoadLevels.png
Diagrams. Data from single subjects in % of body weight (n trials). 6 load components of all subjects in separate diagrams.
SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_Walking.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_Jogging.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_StairsUp.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_StairsDown.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_StandUp.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_SitDown.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_KneeBend.png SingleSubjects_SeparateComponents_Stance.png
Excel data plus diagrams. Averages from all subjects in Newton, load levels AVER75, HIGH100, PEAK100.
Walking_AllLoadLevels.xlsx Jogging_AllLoadLevels.xlsx StairsUp_AllLoadLevels.xlsx StairsDown_AllLoadLevels.xlsx StandUp_AllLoadLevels.xlsx SitDown_AllLoadLevels.xlsx KneeBend_AllLoadLevels.xlsx Stance_AllLoadLevels.xlsx
Diagrams. Data from single subjects in Newton (n trials). Comparison of individual HIGH100 loads between single subjects.
Walking_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png Jogging_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png StairsUp_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png StairsDown_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png StandUp_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png SitDown_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png KneeBend_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png Stance_SingleSubjects_HIGH100.png
Excel data plus diagrams. Data from single subjects in Newton (n trials). Load levels INDIVIDUAL, AVER75, HIGH100.
K1L K1L_Walking.xlsx K1L_Jogging.xlsx K1L_StairsUp.xlsx K1L_StairsDown.xlsx K1L_StandUp.xlsx K1L_SitDown.xlsx K1L_KneeBend.xlsx K1L_Stance.xlsx
K2L K2L_Walking.xlsx K2L_StairsUp.xlsx K2L_StairsDown.xlsx K2L_StandUp.xlsx K2L_SitDown.xlsx K2L_KneeBend.xlsx K2L_Stance.xlsx
K3R K3R_Walking.xlsx K3R_Jogging.xlsx K3R_StairsUp.xlsx K3R_StairsDown.xlsx K3R_StandUp.xlsx K3R_SitDown.xlsx K3R_KneeBend.xlsx K3R_Stance.xlsx
K5R K5R_Walking.xlsx K5R_StairsUp.xlsx K5R_StairsDown.xlsx K5R_StandUp.xlsx K5R_SitDown.xlsx K5R_KneeBend.xlsx K5R_Stance.xlsx
K6L K6L_Walking.xlsx K6L_StairsUp.xlsx K6L_StairsDown.xlsx K6L_StandUp.xlsx K6L_SitDown.xlsx K6L_KneeBend.xlsx K6L_Stance.xlsx
K7L K7L_Walking.xlsx K7L_StairsUp.xlsx K7L_StairsDown.xlsx K7L_StandUp.xlsx K7L_SitDown.xlsx K7L_KneeBend.xlsx K7L_Stance.xlsx
K8L K8L_Walking.xlsx K8L_Jogging.xlsx K8L_StairsUp.xlsx K8L_StairsDown.xlsx K8L_StandUp.xlsx K8L_SitDown.xlsx K8L_KneeBend.xlsx K8L_Stance.xlsx
K9L K9L_Walking.xlsx K9L_StairsUp.xlsx K9L_StairsDown.xlsx K9L_StandUp.xlsx K9L_SitDown.xlsx K9L_KneeBend.xlsx K9L_Stance.xlsx