Legal Information

Topics: Copyright, Reference to OrthoLoad, Responsibility for Links, Legal Permissions, Liability Exclusion


For all non-commercial applications you are allowed to use the videos, screenshots of the videos, or numerical data as long as you reference the database and the file name as the source as stated below. The video file name ‘NAME_screen.wmv’ should be referenced just as ‘NAME’. Example: reference “s2r_040408_1_125_screen.wmv” as “s2r_040408_1_125”. You are allowed to use a clipping of this material, for example only the picture of a force/moment-time diagram or a picture of the force vectors. You are not allowed to change the original content of any material.

It is not permitted to provide access to OrthoLoad videos or data files from other data bases.

If any content from is to be used in a commercial application, permission of the editors of OrthoLoad, is required.

Reference to OrthoLoad

If you intend to use OrthoLoad data in your own publications, please check carefully the guidelines of your publisher regarding internet references! The founder and institution (Bergmann G. and Damm P. (ed.), Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin), the year of the first web presence of OrthoLoad (2008), the file name (e.g. S1R_030707_1_84), the URL (, and the date of download must always be stated. Two examples of how to reference data from OrthoLoad are as follows:

  1. “… Compared to the loads during slow walking (file K2L_240707_1_84 from database OrthoLoad [2]), the loads during fast walking (K2L_301107_2_14) are much higher. …”
  2. “… The loads in file K2L_240707_1_84 [Bergmann and Damm, 2008] …”


[2] Bergmann G. and Damm P. (ed.), Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (2008) “OrthoLoad”. Feb. 1, 2009.


Bergmann G. and Damm P. (ed.), Julius Wolff Institute, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin (2008) “OrthoLoad”. Retrieved Feb. 1, 2009 from

Responsibility for Links

Despite careful monitoring, we are not liable for the contents of external links. We have no influence on the current and future contents of linked web pages. We hereby explicitly distance ourselves from all changes in content as performed after establishment of the respective link. The operators of linked web pages bear exclusive responsibility for their contents.

Legal Permissions (clinical studies)

The safety of all instrumented implants was approved by the legal authorities responsible. The ethics committee of our university (Charité Universitaetsmedizin Berlin) has approved all Clinical Studies. All patients gave their written informed consent for pseudonymised publication of their data and images.

Liability Exclusion

The editor of the OrthoLoad database and all of his co-workers apply the necessary care required to make the OrthoLoad database as user-friendly and secure as possible, in order to uphold the integrity of the data contained. We do not accept any liability or provide any guarantee in connection with the use of the data. We are not liable for any direct or indirect losses or damage, of any kind, which may arise through the use of this data. Two examples of errors which could possibly arise when applying the data: If you feed load data without careful control in a joint simulator and they spuriously appear to be 10 times higher than expected, you may destroy the simulator or the implant. If you test a new implant by applying forces acting in the wrong direction, the implant may survive the test but in a patient it may break.

Privacy Policy


We thank all patients for their kind and enthusiastic cooperation during the many years. We furthermore thank all institutions which financed our research projects during 25 years, and finally those companies which sponsor OrthoLoad.