Datasamples – Impact of antagonistic muscle co-contraction on in vivo knee contact forces

Trepczynski A., Kutzner I., Schwachmeyer V., Heller M. O., Pfitzner T., Duda G.N.
Impact of antagonistic muscle co-contraction on in vivo knee contact forces
Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2018

Selected data samples of the whole 3D body kinematic and synchronously in vivo measured knee joint loads are available at the OrthoLoad Database.

The data sets contain the following information:

  • in vivo measured knee joint loads
  • whole 3D body kinematics (marker trajectories) + ground reaction forces

To see example videos and to download the data from the OrthoLoad Database use the following links:

Activity Trial Number in vivo 3D body kinematic
Level Walking K8L_250311_1_19 Knee Joint mov.csv
Stairs Up K8L_250311_1_64 Knee Joint mov.csv
Stairs Down K8L_250311_1_65 Knee Joint mov.csv



Medial and lateral foot loading and its effect on knee joint loading – Additional Data

Additional footage exemplary for one subject K5R walking with normal, lateral, and medial foot loading.

Normal Foot Loading


Lateral Foot Loading


Medial Foot Loading