External equipment

External unit TELEPORT

TELEPORT is built up in a 19-inch case and has all of the external components needed for the telemetric measurements with one multi-channel telemetry transmitter.


The power oscillator generates a low-frequency sinusoidal output voltage for the energy coil. Amplitude and frequency are controlled automatically. The radio- frequency receiver has an input range from about 50 MHz up to 220 MHz and

input facility for active and passive antennas. The signal generator (marker) creates a rectangular mark signal with a frequency of 1 kHz to synchronise time segments with other systems like gait-analysis systems. The microcontroller system (data link) controls the inductive power supply to a constant value, checks and synchronises the pulse-interval-modulated (PIM) data received, creates a time base and transmits all data by an USB cable to a personal computer. Special software shows all data in real-time on the screen. The PIM data – and, when necessary, the mark signal as well – were recorded synchronously with the patient’s activity on the two audio tracks of the digital video camcorder.

TELEPORT is used mainly for load measurements involving our instrumented hip-, knee-, shoulder implants and vertebral body replacements.