Ground Reaction Forces available

Additionally data samples of the synchronous measured Ground Reaction Forces during walking, published in “Comparison of in vivo measured loads in knee, hip and spinal implants during level walking“, are now available at the database (Additional Data – *grf2f.eof). Take a look here for further information!

For the following clip numbers such Additional Data are available:

Knee Joint: K1L_281008_1_31; K2L_240311_1_20; K3R_291008_1_27; K4R_200312_1_43; K5R_230311_1_25; K6L_210311_1_28; K7L_28070_1_30; K8L_250311_1_24; K9L_290710_1_32

Hip Joint: H1L_060511_1_48; H2R_150811_2_98; H3L_141111_1_38; H4L_270112_2_80; H5L_050412_1_70; H6R_201112_2_107; H7R_191112_1_47; H8L_240413_1_48; H9L_301013_1_58; H10R_300114_1_88

The GRF data (inclusive RAW data) can also be downloaded as a zip file.